Tijs Ven

Tijs Ven

Composer of harmony

As seeing everyone as a modifier of energy, I try to harmonize the energy that comes to pass, according to God's guidance. I try to do this mentally, physically, as well as emotionally and try to do this every moment of my existence, so it actually is my lifestyle. 
Musically, I try to translate the energy that I experience or witness. I release solo piano music, which I really love to compose. It always ends up in a new age / classical kind of style, although I don't associate myself as new age.

Out Now!

Chains of Pain

My upcoming album is a very emotional and sad story. Compared to my previous albums, this isn't a solo piano album.
It has all kinds of different virtual instruments that touch your bare soul, leaving you completely naked to reality in which one can only hope that this struggle will soon stop. 

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Tijs Ven - In My Heart - Solo Piano - Album Cover

In My Heart


This album is all about Love and everything that is connected to Love all coming straight from God, right into our heart.


...Coming soon!

Debut Album