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Chains of Pain

It's been many years since I composed the outlines for this album. This happened during a time when all was not well with me. Bound by these chains of pain, I kept holding on, dreaming, hoping for a better day. It is this hope versus hopelessness that you will hear in this album. And now, the time is here to release this very sad and emotional album filled with hope, because it's through hope that I could endure the pain and then, when least expected...
...the light shines through.

Tijs Ven Raining Down Single

Raining Down

In the beginning of the song, you will notice it is starting to rain, but as the song progresses you will soon see that it is a storm you are stuck in; a mental one.
Just like anything in life, nothing can be stable all of the time.
A storm also knows ups, downs, lefts, rights, backs and forths until at a certain moment it reaches its relative peak where you will be forced to stay put and just wait it out.
So near the end, you will reach a climax that as fast as it came suddenly disappears into the distance.

Tijs Ven - Chains of Pain Single

Chains of Pain

I also composed Chains of Pain at a time when I felt really stuck by chains of pain. This mental and physical torture was only enforced by those who didn't know anything but to judge and condemn me for what they think or the pain they see. Without knowing, these were the things that hurt me the most.
Yet I kept the faith and it's because of this that I was blessed with knowledge and Love in these dark times, which eventually led me to the light again and so...
... these chains were broken.

Tijs Ven - Lost and so Alone Single

Lost and so Alone

I've composed this melody a long time ago in the form of an instrumental beat. When I noticed that my boss constantly needed to hire and fire people against his will, I felt his pain and stress, which wasn't healthy for him or anyone else. I noticed this phenomenon worldwide; so many people are being forced to do even way more horrible things against their own will and the will of the person they are doing it to and choose to do so. When I noticed this, I never felt so Lost and Alone.