Tijs Ven - Quote - Your Teacher

Your Teacher

More about this quote comming soon!

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Patiently Waiting

Patiently waiting

This quote came to me when trying to explain what it means for me to miss someone.
In this case it is my friend Arnvid who went on to his next journey to the afterlife.
The song 'Alone in the End...' from my second solo piano album 'Through the Darkness' I also composed for him.
So now all we can do is patiently wait untill we meet again.
I miss u my friend!

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Hope


If you give up Hope, you are actually giving up on life.
Hope is what keeps us going and works it's miracles and wonders inside of us everyday.
It's the essence of our soul and it generates life, it is our inner strenght, Love, Wilpower and Compasion,
it is also another word for believing.
We all believe in something so we are all believers and so we all have Hope. 
Know what you truly want because that is the doorway to Hope.

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Judging


You can't judge anyone, no not even yourself. Because the collage you created might have been influenced or tampered with by external forces; maybe it's even a lie all together.
So the only thing you can do for yourself or someone else is to understand the concequences and sacrifices it takes.
But also the gains, Love and Balance it will bring to everyone for changing certain bad habits or addictions. 
But this you should only do if the person is ready for this and asks for your help.

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Rediscovering


Whatever you want, you can do it!
Because what you are passionate about is your talent.
What you are passionate about is where you Love to put your focus on and where you put your focus on is where your energy goes, even when it's  just a thought about something or someone.
Therefore everyone is talented even if you don't know it yet. 
So it's just about rediscovering what it is you truly want, where you Love to put your time and energy in and then you can do whatever you truly want.

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Tijs Ven - Quote - It's all in you!

It'a all in You!

It is important to make everybody feel as good as possible, so also yourself and even the person you think you hate. 
Beccause everything you witness from the world is being created inside of you, your self image and also the person you think you hate. So if you are kind to someone who tried to provoke you by triggering a negative emotion inside of you and the time comes when you are vulnerable, this person will be reminded of your kindness and the understanding you had for the mistake he made, and now that person may even be strong enough to lift you up.

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Just be...

Just be...

When you are trying to be something or someone then you already are that which you are (trying) to be.
When you are 'trying' to be a happy, kind and loving person, you actually are it in that moment you try.
You are doing it and therefor you are it, the trying is just making things seem more hard and heavy.

So ou can keep on trying,
or you can just be.

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Everyone is Special!

Everyone is Special!

Everyone is Special!
You were chosen from among a million of sperms to win the race and blessed the world with your prescence.
Everyone is unique, even identical twins, in make up, thoughts, lessons, passion and your influence on the world.
So you are one of a kind, the only one of it's sort, it is you!
You are very special indeed, so it's time to start feeling that way.
Because you and the rest of the  world deserve the best version of you, your uniquness, your vision and your love.

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Happiness is Here!

Happiness is Here!

Some say happiness is a mental state, others say it is a feeling, others say it is your acceptance, and offcourse some say it is all of them. But the fact remains that everything is being created inside of you and shaped by you into your reality. The things you hear, feel, see, smell ar all senced by your receptors.
So everything happens inside of you.
This also means that happiness is already inside of you!
So why search for it elsewhere?

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Tijs Ven - Quote - Like a Tree...

Like a Tree...

What if you are deaf and blind?
just like a tree, feeling the vibrations around you, the wind between your leaves, the sun that warms your trunk.
This is a key to total relaxation .
And total relaxation is the key to everything.
Because when you are totally relaxed, pain won't have a grip on you as you are closest with the divine. Your body will be able to use all of it's energy for your healing and wellbeing, you won't feel stress.
So like a tree just being is the key!

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